10x FB Ads Sales

After wasting $1000s on FB ads, my top of funnel still wasn’t bringing in leads. And I was stuck.
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Stuck relying on others who claim top-of-funnel expertise.

Stuck deflecting opportunities that are rightfully mine, if only capturing those leads weren’t so painful.

Stuck living with a deeply fraught Facebook relationship. A nebulous not knowing... what's compliant, what converts, what part ads play in a kick-ass campaign.

If your reputation depends not just on converting warm leads but attracting a steady stream of the still-cold variety…

If your bank account does, too...

And if you sense, at the level of persistent anxiety, that you MUST conquer Facebook ad copy if you’re ever going to get a fraction of the results your clients expect...

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Know this:

There’s a real, proven way to get unstuck.

A way out of ad copy ‘dabbler’ status and top-of-funnel inadequacy...

Into sustainable, scalable mastery of ad copy that converts on the world’s largest social platform.

Because you should be the smartest person in the room when it comes to crafting profitable Facebook campaign copy.

  • You should be the one whose actually-informed opinions on what really converts get an eyebrow raise of admiration – from your clients, from your team, from your partner. Hell, from your cat, who’s been watching and judging as you stress eat in front of a blank page that was supposed to be filled with ad copy three hours ago.
  • Even in the toughest industries.
  • Despite Facebook’s constant changes.
  • And even if until now you could barely get your ad copy displayed while telling yourself you’d rather take a fork in the eye over writing Another. Single. Ad.

It’s high time you channelled that Facebook “love-hate, but mostly hate” thing into the drive for mastery and profit.

I’ve seen it for years. I’ve felt it for years.

And I had to do something.

The FOMO mixed with the self-doubt. Entrepreneurs, marketers, copywriters looking to Copyhackers for answers on Facebook ads.

Looking for absolution sometimes, too. For us to echo all the doubts and misinformation out there.

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  • Facebook just won’t work for my niche/audience/industry.
  • I can’t write ads because it’s impossible to keep up with the changes.
  • Unless I know every minute detail of how Facebook Ads Manager works at this moment in time, I can’t even start.
  • Facebook has neutered ad copy. It’s impossible to write to the problem without getting disapproved.
  • I can’t set fire to what little advertising budget I have.
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And because these myths persist, Facebook gets a rep as the great blue ocean of dread, doom and promise. The platform where maybe you get lured to death by a siren or met by magical mermaids who welcome you into the secret caverns of conversion.

For years I struggled to write Facebook ads. I wasted so much money. And it wasn’t until I met people who actually get serious results with Facebook and started picking their brains that I realized this:

There has always only been one true thing in the noise.

People see through BS.

They will see through your BS if you try to fake it on FB. If you try to mimic the things you saw other marketers doing. Y’know, the things that felt like marketing. (Which should’ve been your first hint that they wouldn’t work on FB, but we’ll get into that.)

The counter to BS is, of course, authenticity.

But let’s admit it:

It’s hard to be authentic on demand. It’s hard to be authentic when you have a business goal breathing down your neck.

So “be authentic” just isn’t enough. It’s not gonna take your ads where they need to go.

You need a framework.

And as a Copyhackers reader, you want the science of Facebook ad copywriting.

You deserve a framework for writing high-converting Facebook ads… a system for mapping ad copy to any funnel… and formulas that work without coming across as sleazy or setting off Facebook’s ad review alarm bells.

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  1. 1

    Understand your funnel

  2. 2

    Find your messages

  3. 3

    Map your messages

  4. 4

    Write your messages

  • You deserve to invest in a Facebook ad system... without seeing everything you worked hard to master go up in a puff of smoke when “it all changes.”
  • Which is why we chose to demystify Facebook ad copywriting, once and for all.
  • To make public the little-changing principles behind successful social ads.
  • To take what we know way past blog posts and tutorials and give you the key to conversion ad copy for social.
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10x Facebook Ads by Copyhackers

Featuring copywriting for Instagram Ads

Until now, only available through Copy School 2019 (and those doors closed months ago), this is THE masterclass in writing 10x more persuasive ads, so you can #convertallthepeople and #winallthesales.

In just hours, you’ll learn the copywriting system for converting casual Facebook scrollers into leads, subscribers and buyers – while other advertisers get the cold indifference that once made you shudder at the very mention of Facebook.

I’m Joanna Wiebe - and I am NOT the creator of 10x Facebook Ads. I am, however, the person who tracked down and sought out the best Facebook ad copywriter I’d ever heard of. Then I asked her to train me on Facebook ad copywriting. And then I asked her to train YOU, too.

This is her system for engineering ads to convert on social. And it was hard-earned from:

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  • Crafting and testing 30+ Facebook ad messages a day. Every day. For three years. That’s more testing than most copywriters run in a year. And there’s no harsher feedback loop than Facebook, where ads either skyrocket or crash in hours, thanks to a seemingly-impenetrable algorithm.
  • Extracting the proven methods of sales psychology (the same ones persuading buyers for 120 years), applied to the latest in message-finding to rescue campaigns from expensive failure.
  • Finding clarity in funnel maps that would make the most seasoned CRO weep, to stop the bleeding of ads targeting people at the wrong time with the wrong offer. And instead, write ads that feel like a well-timed, perfect-for-me gift to every prospect.
  • Obsessively researching the psychology of ad creative, to put an end to the scapegoating of copy when the image or video is making eyes glaze over. And then digging deeper to find out why certain visual styles always get the clicks.
  • Pushing past successful ad copy to find what’s really exploding budgets when the ‘big swinging door’ of landing pages slams shut – and stops prospects on the brink of opting-in.
  • Conducting forensic-grade analysis of campaigns cut short by Facebook’s high-handed slap-downs. And at the root of each, finding simple, explicit principles to keep any advertiser this side of safety.

And out of the crucible? Everything learned from creating, testing and optimizing Facebook ad copy to win a 10x return…

It’s for the taking in 10x Facebook Ads: a crystal-clear system for ad copywriting on the most notoriously challenging portal to an audience of 2.83 billion buyers.

Meet your trainer:

Wahida Lakhani

The Facebook ad copywriter with $1M+ in unrelenting, hands-on ad copy testing

Wahida Lakhani has earned multi-millions in revenue for clients, managing over $1 million in ad spend across some of the most competitive and difficult verticals globally.

Her 10x Facebook Ads copy system was developed through years of unrelenting, hands-on testing to deliver high returns – consistently and with very little room for error.

Wahida is not only an ad strategist and full-funnel optimization pro. She’s also a conversion copywriting consultant hired by some of the best-known digital marketers, plus dozens of coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Before running an agency, Wahida cut her teeth learning persuasion in the tech startup and agency space where she worked with Fortune 500 companies and household name brands, including Coca-Cola and L'Oréal.

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No matter your industry, no matter your market. Now you can get the system for writing Facebook ad copy based on tested and proven conversion principles.

Those are rare words in Facebook advertising.

Every day, overblown claims are made about profiting on Facebook. But they’re built on shifting sands if those techniques tell you nothing more than how to tinker with Ads Manager.

The tools will change.

The algorithms, even faster.

But the techniques of persuasion you’ll have with 10x Facebook Ads? These aren’t just slick tricks or gloss-over treatments of what it really takes to write a high-converting ad campaign.

They’re principles of persuasion based on what consistently works on Facebook. Aka the place where nearly 3 billion people hang out on the reg, including buyers in every single industry.

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Only with 10x Facebook Ads: you get a clear, step-by-step breakdown of everything that goes into writing a winning paid social campaign – from a copywriter who has actually earned 10x results for clients across industries.

Which means, when you master 10x Facebook Ads…

You can be the one confidently driving ad campaign wins.

You’ll have an unfair advantage over Return on Ad Spend - an edge over brands with bigger budgets.

You’ll have the leverage to hike your rates if you’re a copywriter – and see demand match your price hike. (Because it’s a rare breed that can systematically apply conversion principles to Facebook ads.)

All while getting to control-shattering copy in less time than it once took you to scroll frantically for inspiration ads.

And if you become known as the one with the 6th sense for high-converting Facebook ad copy?

Nod and smile. You’ll know full well that instinct comes from a bedrock foundation.

With 10x Facebook Ads, you’ll be able to...

  • Focus first on nailing the ONE thing that’s money in the bank for an ad (skip this and it’s over)
  • Easily navigate the anatomy of a high-converting ad even if you’ve never written for that format or placement
  • Tell the difference between a message that sells and “booster” words that work, but are never enough alone
  • Write ads that offer what your audience really wants, when they want it (by entering into the conversation already happening in their minds)
  • Guide prospects from zero awareness, to offer-ready, even to up-sells – with no ick-factor, because your presence in their newsfeed feels natural at every step
  • End debates forever about what ad element matters most (this might stun you) and long vs. short copy
  • Raise your ad copy to the “threshold of awesome” with complete control over three essential factors
  • Skirt the risks of writing for on-thin-ice industries like health and business coaching so you can avoid the dreaded image description of disapproval
  • Apply sneaky but above-board ninja copywriting tactics to raise click-through-rates, relevance scores and conversions at a lower cost
  • Ethically spy on competitor ads to find your hook, points of difference and a stand-out value proposition
  • Be irresistibly authentic in a sea full of Spammy McSpammerson ads and growing cynicism from your audience
  • Write ads faster and easier with frameworks and templates for every stage of the customer journey
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And even if you’re *only* writing the copy that drives the sales, with 10x Facebook Ads, you’ll also be armed with campaign strategy. Which means you’ll...

  • Know how to integrate ad copy at every stage of any funnel (See how you’re not *just* an ad writer anymore? You’re an ad copy strategist.)
  • Be able to zero in on the right Facebook or Instagram ad type and placement every time (thanks, cheat sheet!)
  • Rescue underperforming ad copy from Zuck’s wall of shame by changing just one thing
  • Spot and avoid the BIGGEST mistakes that will crush your conversions and tank your performance
  • Know the drill when it comes to targeting and retargeting so you can work that call with your ads manager like a pro
  • Set down the rules for putting your copy to the right tests, avoid the scattershot approach to testing and make ‘little bets’ first that save big money
  • Wait for the right amount of time calmly to know if your ad copy is even WORKING – and snag a simple, repeatable process for optimizing copy that isn’t
  • Spot the red flag situations where ads will never work, whether you’re a copywriter or you own the campaign

See how you’ll master Facebook ad copy in 6 hrs or less:
The Module-by-Module Breakdown

Module 1

Mapping the Social Journey Against Any Funnel

This is where you’ll cut through the noise about Facebook and Instagram ads and get to the core of what these campaigns should really do, when, where and why.

Remember, the #1 reason social ad copy fails is lack of strategy and the (soon-to-be-dashed) expectation that money behind the click will drive profits.

By the time you’ve finished Module 1, you’ll understand Facebook and Insta ads as part of an integrated marketing campaign. Plus, you’ll know how to spot and map common funnels and use conversion-optimized ad copy at every touchpoint to move prospects to the next best action.

You’ll get there with:

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“The gold standard of advertising” tutorial:

You’ll learn how to enter the conversation on social naturally, so your copy makes the right offer at the right stage in any customer journey. The result? A frictionless experience for customers and mo’ money in the bank for you.

The four-step sequence to winning ad copy:

To end ad writer’s block forever, you’ll learn why copy is the final step and the three earlier steps that set you up for a win from the start.

A detailed guide to mapping your funnel:

Know what ad copy to insert at every stage of the funnel, to propel leads along the path. (Get a walk-through of how it works in the most common funnels, including classic lead gen funnels, webinar funnels, challenge funnels, video series funnels, e-commerce funnels and funnels created from scratch.)

Module 2

Achieving the “Threshold of Awesome”

What makes an ad awesome enough to convert right out of the gate? It comes down to one lever that must be nailed, tested and optimized above all else. After Module 2, you’ll know how.

No matter the constraints of your ad type, you’ll know the formula for grabbing attention and winning the most clicks for the lowest cost.

Plus, you’ll be confident talking to clients or your ads manager without getting tripped up by adspeak.

These lessons will help guide you there:

image description

A breakdown of ad

With so many shifting elements across ad placements and formats, you can get lost writing ads without guardrails. Learn how to zero-in on what matters in any ad type and stop agonizing over the rest.


Learn how to play around with ad types with first-hand knowledge of the options. Discover the simplest way to stay up-to-date even as Facebook messes with your old faves.

An ad placement cheat

Don’t have 10 minutes for the walkthrough each time? Get at-a-glance certainty when it comes to where your ads should appear on social, so you’ll never have to guess again.

Module 3

Mind Reading for Messages

In Module 3, you’ll learn to break out of the habit that keeps pay out of the pockets of almost everyone attempting to write ads for social.

We’ll be side-stepping guesswork and showing you how to write ads that enter right into the conversation happening in your prospects’ minds. So you can write creatively from a solid foundation of real insight.

If you only watched this module alone, you could still produce ads with WAY better click-through rates, relevance scores and costs to acquire.

You’ll get there with:

image description

A shortcut to focusing your research:

Even if you have multiple avatars, answer these three questions before you dive into research and you’ll save hours!

Ninja techniques for message finding:

Learn the four methods for scooping conversion-worthy messages, plus which tricks are best in any scenario.

Voice of the customer cheat sheet:

Know what to ask, when with a targeted checklist, then drop your findings into the premade template so you’ll never get research-overwhelm again.

Module 4

Mapping Your Messages

There’s a right way and a wrong way to organize all the conversion intel you’ve just collected. Mix it up and your ads could come across as the person at the party whose timing is just so off.

In Module 4, you’ll learn to quickly map those messages to a matrix of awareness. Ultimately, you’ll be discovering how to support and create a customer journey ending in the “cha-ching!” we’re all looking to hear.

Learn how with:

image description

A guide to lining up the messages you scooped with funnel stage and customer awareness. So you can say the right thing, at the right time, to the right prospect on social.

The only template you need to keep your messages organized and yourself on task.

Module 5

Writing High-Converting Ad Copy

The secret to writing high-converting social ads while spending less time? Only start when you’ve graduated to this module.

You’ll save countless hours agonizing over what to write (only to see ad costs skyrocket despite your blood, sweat and tears) when you follow the steps in Module 5.

No more cross-referencing blog posts to piece together headlines and body copy, only to end in analysis paralysis when you realize there are at least six schools of thought on the right formula.

Instead, you’ll pull tested and proven formulas and templates into your ad copy – fast. And you’ll know exactly which to use for what stage of the customer journey.

The result? You’ll be able to write conversion-optimized ads, in less time by following proven frameworks. Huh. It didn’t have to be so hard all along.

You’ll get there with:

image description

The biggest lever – and
point of failure – in any ad:

(Hint: Yes, this ONE thing is up to the copywriter because the images and videos? They play a supporting role only.) You’ll learn how to nail the opportunity and win the conversions with thorough examples and a checksheet to guide you.

The rule for body copy length:

Never be held captive by character count again when you know the principles behind what copy length converts, under what circumstances.

A four-step writing process:

From where to start, to writing the core that truly sells, to headlines and body copy. Stepwise for the win! For every stage of your funnel, you’ll know what copy frameworks and hooks work best.

Ad copy swipes:

If you learn best by example, pop open the Google doc worksheet with ad copy broken down into essential elements. Then draft your own copy in the template provided.

Emojis made easy:

Your burning questions about emoji use answered. Even if cute doesn’t come naturally, you’ll know when to use them and how to come across as emoji-onally intelligent, always.

Module 6

Choosing the Right Images and Videos

Images and video can make an ad or throttle your reach and drive up costs.

Learn to carefully curate visuals that create an instant emotional connection – and draw more eyes to the juicy copy you’ve engineered to convert.

Whether you’re only on point for copywriting or you’re directing the entire campaign, Module 6 is an essential education. Because copy and imagery work hand-in-hand.

After this module, you’ll be able to find, choose and deploy images that support your conversion messaging and set your ad up to reach full potential.

You’ll master ad imagery with:

image description

The five criteria for ad

Even if your audience is ignoring most ads, these five strategies can stop the scroll. Find out why they work and when – with examples from winning ads.

The anatomy of a social

Get video ad templates and outlines that will make you say “Um. I can do this. Bring it on.” And you’ll get a better payoff when your video hits the key messages proven to persuade.

A cheat sheet for videos and images:

At-a-glance, check off what your creative must do and steer clear of what you should avoid at all costs.

Livestream scripts:

Get authentic with your audience to generate more connection. It’s easier with these four scripts tailored to the types of livestream video that are working now.

Creative resources:

Snap up the tools that make creative direction so much simpler. Even if you have no graphic designer, you can create inspired ads.

Module 7

Landing Pages That Convert

Often called the “big swinging door,” landing pages can open wide the gateway to leads or swing back in the face of your advertising dreams.

In Module 7, you’ll get a crash course on the essentials of a landing page that converts, so each click on your ad drives more revenue.

Even if someone else is writing it, you’ll be in a position to flag issues with the landing page that could pull down the performance of an otherwise amazing ad. And you’ll be able to identify the components that make a landing page convert up to 80% of cold traffic.

You’ll get:

image description

The anatomy of a
high-converting landing page:

Know exactly what should go where and what you should leave out to keep conversions high. Learn how to keep friction out of the next profitable click.

A cheat sheet for more

Your quick reference guide to the six elements present in every high-performing landing page.

A checklist for grading
landing pages:

Before they go live, set your campaign up for more conversions at a lower cost. (Hey, Zuckerberg. We see you. And we came to win.)

Module 8

Testing, Troubleshooting and Metrics

By now, you’ve created high-converting copy for a multi-touchpoint campaign. What’s next? Testing.

While others may fear the test, when you finish Module 8, you’ll have an enviable clarity. That’s because you’ll understand the strategy behind testing, not just techniques, so you can make small, smart bets with confidence.

You’ll also know how to troubleshoot and pull back the team when they jump to conclusions. ‘Cause you didn’t work this hard on copy to send it out unsupervised.

In Module 8 you’ll get:

image description

A copywriter’s guide to ad testing:

Take the random out of testing when you know what variables to isolate, in what order. (Critical: the most important element to test is yours to write.)

Metrics for the win:

Know what metrics signal a problem and what to change first so you can systematically optimize. You’ll also discover what metrics shouldn’t keep you up at night, even when numbers drop and you’re tempted to scrap the campaign.

3 core cheat sheets:

One for testing, one for troubleshooting and one for metrics. So, when doubt kicks in, you can crush it with solid expertise.

Module 9

Spotting Red Flags

Facebook ads are not a bag o’ magic beans. There’s no insta-ladder to the land of golden profits, even if Facebook ads are highly profitable for the right advertisers.

Now you know what goes into a winning campaign. It’s time to learn the red flags, too – those undeniable signs that scream “stop” before you spend your own budget or agree to any ad copywriting gig.

In Module 9, you’ll get:

image description

A lesson from the pro on early warning signs:

When you see these, you’ll know to pull back stat to save time, frustration and avoid unprofitable work.

A red flag cheat sheet:

If in the heat of the “we’re going to make so much money” moment, you can’t quite recall why you might say “no”, check this one-pager for clarity.

Bonus 1

Navigating Facebook Ad Compliance

Even if you’re writing “safe”, not knowing the principles by which Zuck and co. operate can feel like Russian Roulette. (Where the house always wins.)

And no, you don’t have to water down your message.

In this bonus module, you’ll discover how to write powerfully compelling ad copy that’s still compliant.

You’ll get:

image description

A guide to compliant conversion copy:

Learn how to win in a game Facebook wants you to play, without pulling the hair-trigger of manual ad reviews. Tamp down anxiety when you know what’s happening behind the scenes after you hit submit on your latest campaign.

A breakdown of the rules you must know:

Including those that are easy to follow and the rules that are hard not to break when writing great copy. You’ll never forget the “guess which ad was approved” game in which we break down the secrets behind compliant ad copy in tricky markets and notorious niches.

Total time to 10x your ad copy powers? ~5 hours

(If there’s a faster way to upgrade your profitability, let us know.)

We could just hand you a 15-minute crash course or a “Top Tips” blog post, instead. But that wouldn’t equip you to navigate the minefield of Facebook campaigns.

This is vital top-of-the-funnel stuff and when you master it, you can tap into an enormous and steadily growing audience of buyers.

Webinars, sales pages, email marketing – you need those, too. But they only pay off if you can first drive the traffic.

SEO and authority building takes TIME. Just shy of deep time.

But Facebook and Instagram ads? If you can make those convert, you can get to profits faster.

That’s a value proposition few copywriters can claim. (We know.) And it’s an enviable advantage for any entrepreneur or marketer.

Get Campaigns Up & Running Even Faster with the
Quick-Start Module

By the end of nine modules + one bonus, you’ve absorbed some solid know-how. But unless your memory is a mind palace, you’ll need refreshers.

That’s why you get four Quick-Start videos with 10x Facebook Ads.

Extracted from the main modules, these are the lessons you’ll need to whiz your way through the four parts of the entire framework to a profitable campaign.

And if you need to knock out a campaign tomorrow?

Skip straight to the Quick-Start videos and write compelling ad copy out of the gate. (Then, circle back to make your next campaign even higher converting.)

The total 10x Facebook Ads system gives you the tools and the total clarity to write a high-converting campaign tomorrow.

Students like these are making their ad copy 10x more powerful:


Before 10x Facebook Ads, I was utterly clueless about social media ads and failed miserably at getting any conversions (didn’t even know the term “conversions” existed).

Our previous marketing strategies only catered to MOFU or BOFU. The strategies for creating TOFU content and guiding my audience through the whole funnel to purchase were much needed.

I was amazed by the simplicity and comprehensiveness of the videos and workbooks for multiple forms of Facebook advertising. Now I never need to second-guess what to do next.

I’m more of a concept person and overwhelming details are a turnoff unless explained in a logical sequence. If there was one course that made sense using the unifying glue of copy across several contexts without a rigid template or salesy process, it’s 10x Facebook Ads.

image description Christopher Ngo - DO, Osteopathic Horizons (PH in Medicine)


FB Ads are important for me and my clients because it's one of the best channels right now to get high-quality leads that can turn into customers and loyal fans. But, before 10x FB Ads, my biggest challenge was to create messages and copy that would resonate with people wherever they are in the sales cycle.

The course was easy to consume, yet provided relevant information on the WHY and HOW of creating FB ads. I can now write ads that are more relevant to the prospect on social media.

Recent result: I applied what I’ve learned in 10x FB Ads to a client’s 10-day course launch and hit 40+ sales of their $997 product.

image description Ryan Cruz - #Funnel Launch Strategist at TRAFFICSALAD


Before 10x Facebook Ads, I learned a lot from Facebook marketers. The problem with that: they are not copywriters and often only work in e-commerce industries. Not my business. After 10x FB Ads, I started viewing Facebook ads as a vehicle through which I deliver good copy. I started focusing on compelling ad copy rather than trying to trick the algorithm. Results skyrocketed. What I learned generated much, much better results for my ads (to the point where I very comfortably spend 1500-2000€ a day). I learned: copy is the key to conversions, not fancy ad sets or bidding strategies.

image description Tim Gelhausen - Fitness Coach & Author, Klick Im Kopf


In running $500K+ of FB ads each month, we have a never-ending need for high converting copy.

Although we've been successfully writing ad copy for years, it's often been a bottleneck in the process, especially when we're creating complicated funnels and multi-stage launch sequences.

10X FB Ads allowed us to refine our copy process from start to finish so we can produce copy that converts faster than ever. Less time writing, same or better results? Total win for our agency.

While many FB Ads courses focus heavily on targeting and technical ad set up, they gloss over ad copy or throw in a bonus as an afterthought. If you don't write scroll-stopping copy in your ads, those ninja targeting skills aren't going to do you any good. The templates, frameworks and copy focus of 10x FB Ads let even our most junior team member produce copy that wowed our clients, got approved on a tricky policy issue and brought in the leads

image description Rita Barry - Principal, Rita Barry & Co.

10x Facebook Ads is the only total ads copywriting system that includes:

  • Step-by-Step Videos

    Walking you quickly but precisely through the 10x ads framework, end-to-end. There’s no filler talk here, just the most direct path to winning more often with social ads.

    You’ll get strategies and principles that are taught to stick, backed by visual breakdowns of actual campaigns, so you can draw authority from examples.

  • A Complete Course Workbook

    Better than a transcript, everything you learned from the videos is distilled in 37 pages, complete with templates, formulas, scripts, checklists, links to resources and cheat sheets.

    Organized sequentially, the workbook makes it easy to follow the exact copywriting framework behind Facebook ad campaigns that convert.

  • Exercises and Quizzes

    Learn by doing and test your knowledge before ad spend or your reputation is on the line. Simply follow the exercises for each module and you’ll have a completely written campaign by the end of the course.

    Breaking the framework down into steps builds your tolerance for working the system when it counts.

  • Google Docs Worksheet

    Skip the copy and paste job. With 10x Facebook Ads, you get a pre-populated copy worksheet that spells out how the frameworks are used in different scenarios. Just click the link and make infinite copies in your own Google drive.

    When your own copy is easily crafted from a stellar example, you’ll feel 10x more ready to go public with your ad.

So, when that critical moment comes and everyone is waiting... you’ll never forget what to write, for who, when and why. (Unlike the team behind GoT S8. Ahem.)

What’s the Value of a Single High-Converting Ad Campaign?

If you master everything in 10x Facebook Ads, you could immediately increase your copywriting fees – or, start making scalable income with your own funnels when you trade in one-on-one services for one-to-many programs.

Already an advertiser? With 10x improved ad copy, you can save on cost per ad action. And you’ll be in a better position to profit with ad copy created to convert.

image description
image description

Show what you know with your Copyhackers 10x Badge O’ Completion.

Bragging rights are yours. Bring home the badge when you finish 10x Facebook Ads and pass all the module quizzes with a score of 80% or more on each. Same goes with your bonus course.

Try 10x Facebook Ads. Then, take 60 days to decide whether you’ll keep it.

Whether you choose a monthly or one-time payment, you’ll have 60 days to decide whether this 10x course is for you.

That’s 60 days you can be putting your newfound skills to the test, trying out everything in 10x Facebook Ads.

But if for any reason you don’t feel this program is for you?

If, say, you’d rather spend 20 hours on an epic blog post and pray to the Google gods you got the money keywords right…

If you’d rather tell clients, “Sorry, I don’t do Facebook ads, but I know another copywriter…” (Don’t hate them for being fickle.)

No buyer’s regret necessary.

Just send an email to support@copyhackers.com within 60 days. We’ll send back every dollar.


Featuring copywriting for Instagram Ads

The only masterclass in writing social media ad copy based on proven conversion principles.

As a 10x Facebook Ads student, you get forever access to...

  • The tested and proven framework for 10x Facebook ad copy
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • The complete Facebook Ads conversion copy workbook
  • The working docs based on $1M in ad spend
Instant Saver One-time

Get immediate access to the complete 10x Facebook Ads training.

A single payment today of
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Check Out With Confidence

All payments are processed securely via Stripe.

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60-Day Guarantee

Experience a dramatic skill improvement or your money back.

I was skeptical about Facebook ads

As someone who has an “it’s complicated” relationship with Facebook, I was skeptical about adding Facebook ad creation to my toolbox. Turns out, customer research and understanding of the customer – the things I value most about the copywriting process – apply here, too.

After taking the 10x Facebook Ads course, I’m excited to work on copy for Facebook ad campaigns and feel empowered by the detailed process descriptions, frameworks, and guidelines on testing the ads.

An especially amazing part of the training was the guided walk-through on mapping out specific types of sales funnels and supporting ads for each type (*brain explodes*). The feeling when those pieces finally began to fall into place was the best!

image description Ekaterina Howard - website and email copywriter

Allowed me to take complete ownership

Before taking 10x FB ads, I felt like I was always reinventing my process for writing Facebook ads. It wasn't just sitting down to write new copy--it was sitting down and relearning how to go about writing Facebook ads.

True to form, Copyhackers’ 10X FB Ads helped me to both establish a process and write Facebook ad copy that converts. Not only do I know exactly how to strategize and write Facebook ad copy for all the various types of sales funnels, but I also write higher-converting copy that clients and businesses love, and I do it in less time than ever! This allows me to help more clients, make more money, and quit stressing about reinventing my processes.

My favorite material in 10x FB Ads is definitely the troubleshooting your ads modules. This has allowed me to take complete ownership over my client's ads and continue creating successful outcomes for them.

image description Lindsay Wikholm Griede - Indigo Media Digital Marketing

More confident tackling complex campaigns

I'm definitely not a newbie when it comes to writing FB ads, but I still love everything about this course.

It helped me organize my thoughts and planning for ad campaigns, so I feel more confident about tackling higher-level and more complex campaigns.

Plus, there's the automatic confidence boost you get, knowing you're now solidly grounded in FB best practices. Win!

image description Eden Bidani, Conversion + Direct Response Copywriter, Green Light Copy

Boosted my confidence writing Facebook ads

It’s been said that Facebook ads don’t convert like “they used to”. Serious stuff. So when 10x Facebook Ads was offered, I jumped at the opportunity to learn the nuances of writing Facebook copy that converts at multiples compared to the mediocrity seen on the platform. For me, 10x Facebook felt like it rounded off all the major touchpoints for conversion copy and certainly boosted my confidence to write compelling ads for Facebook.

image description Mark Crosling - Strategic Content

I’m a more valuable asset to my clients

Before 10x Facebook Ads, I’d written copy for quite a few campaigns. Even though I was using the proven persuasion techniques and copy formulas I learned from Copyhackers, it still felt like guesswork because Facebook is such a unique environment. The missing piece was what I learned in 10x Facebook Ads. Now, I feel just as confident writing social media ad campaigns as I feel with copy for warm audiences. And I know I’m a far more valuable asset to my clients.

image description Anna Bolton - Conversion Copy Co.

Smart questions people like you ask before learning to profit from 10x Facebook Ads:

  • Facebook ads aren’t my focus right now. Why should I take the time to learn ad copywriting?

    We get it. Facebook is another specialty. And you’re already stretched thin.

    Maybe the pressure’s not on at this moment to master top-of-funnel copywriting.

    But Facebook is too important a platform to ignore forever. The audience on Facebook is huge, and the ability to target unmatched. Which is why FB ads are non-optional in the digital marketer toolkit.

    In good news, you could become the smartest Facebook ads copy person in the room in the time it took to see Cersei Lannister get her comeuppance.

    And whether you apply that skill today, next week, or next month, it’s a powerhouse move to have in your back pocket. It means that whenever you choose, you can tap into the proven system for writing 10x better ads on the world’s biggest social platform.

  • Facebook changes all the time. How can this course be evergreen?

    Facebook changes drive marketers nuts. Changes to policies, changes to algorithms.

    It’s why most Facebook ad training is current for a few months, at best.

    Even what legit gurus can teach you about Facebook Ads Manager becomes obsolete practically before they hit publish.

    That’s why we didn’t offer you a course on ad targeting, ad budgets or any of the technicalities that expire faster than a quart of raw milk.

    Instead, with 10x FB Ads, you get ironclad formulas for writing killer ad copy applied to the enduring environment of Facebook.

    Yes, enduring.

    Because under the tweaks to how ads are displayed, the Facebook experience is part of the platform’s DNA.

    For all time, every cold lead on Facebook has passed through a predictable journey to become a buyer. With ad copy at every step.

    So, instead of vying with the ads technicians for your precious attention, we offer something no one else has.

    A system for higher-converting Facebook ad copy at every step of the funnel.

    So even if Zuck switches up the mechanics a dozen times, you’ll still be on solid ground.

  • Don’t I also need to know how to set-up and manage a Facebook campaign?

    It’s a common concern.

    But think of it this way. When was the last time a business insisted on only hiring a copywriter who could also design and code?

    That would be flat-out unreasonable. Because copywriting, creative, ads management and even CRO for Facebook ads are specialties. To be respected as such.

    Which means you can ignore any and all voices insisting you should be the Facebook ads jack-of-all-trades.

    By mastering Facebook ads copy, you’re wielding one of the biggest levers in ad conversion. And you can stand in that authority.

  • I’m already a solid copywriter. Will I learn anything new?

    Having copy wins under your belt is an advantage, for sure. We’d bet on your ads over a copy newb’s, any day. If you were both winging it.

    But copywriting for Facebook is different. It’s not like email copy, sales page copy, website copy.

    As a Facebook ad copywriter, you’re crafting an interruption to a cold audience. One that’s not searching for your offer and by default blind to your ad – until they’re not.

    It’s like waving from the next table at a stranger head-to-head with her coffee date to wheedle your way into the convo. That’s a tall order, even for a master of small talk.

    As an already-skilled copywriter, winning with Facebook ads comes down to this. You need to channel all those persuasion techniques, every copy formula you’ve made your own and apply that know-how to the rarified customer journey inside Facebook.

    It’s a more dynamic, more splintered and more precarious journey than anywhere else.

    But when you have the proven system for 10x FB ads layered on top of what you already know? You’ll be an ad copy force to be reckoned with.

    Coffee shop patrons, beware (~_^)

  • Can I really do this (without crushing my soul/draining my bank account/looking like a total rookie)?

    Yes, you can.

    The prospect of writing Facebook ads can send our reptile brains into overdrive, cranking out fears that it’s just too hard, just too soon.

    But if you’re ready to fall back on a proven method… If you’re ready to take it step-by-clearly-set-out-step… If you’re ready to rely on what’s been proven to work time and again on Facebook, then yes, you can do this.

    You don’t need to be Gene Schwartz reincarnate to write high-converting Facebook ads. You don’t need to know the firstborn thing about Facebook ads yet. You just have to work the system.

  • Ok, but how much time do I actually need to carve out?

    Five hours. Just five hours to learn the step-by-step 10x Facebook Ads system.

    And yes, you’ll also need time to practice what you’ve learned.

    But we promise you this.

    Compared to the tedious, arduous, stressful experience of toggling in a desperate search for inspiration between your newsfeed and a blank page… Compared to not having a sweet clue where to start – you’re gonna find a whole new flow writing ads.

    A rapid flow.

    When you have a proven process to write ads, you can churn out copy quickly and confidently.

    And that five hours spent learning will be nothing compared to the time you’ll save.

  • Can’t I just learn Facebook ads copywriting for free from blogs and other courses?

    Unfortunately, no. There are precious few scan-worthy blog posts on Facebook ad copy. Most are listicles and certainly not in-depth systems.

    And Facebook ads courses? They’re created by Facebook marketers, not copywriters. Marketers whose ads are written by well-paid copywriters.

    Neither can you reverse-engineer copy from swipes. Because the secret to a profitable Facebook ad campaign goes much deeper than what you see on the surface. It’s based on principles, frameworks and processes.

    You won’t find the material inside 10x Facebook ads anywhere else.

    It’s the product of $1M in Wahida’s ad copy testing and based on the frameworks, templates and processes we’ve created inside Copyhackers while driving conversions for clients like Wistia, Canva, Neil Patel, Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, SproutSocial, Shopify Plus - and so many others.

    What you’ll learn inside 10x FB Ads isn’t advice based on a few lucky breaks. It’s tested and proven across multiple industries, multiple audiences, products and offers.

    And so, we didn’t post this system to a blog (it wouldn’t fit) or tack it onto another ads course because it’s the sum product of experience, skills and know-how that make a whole lotta bank.

  • Is this course dripped out? Will I have to wait?

    Nope. You’ll get instant access.

    Within hours of making the decision, you can already be the smartest person in almost any room when it comes to Facebook ads copy.

  • And what exactly is included?

    As a 10x FB Ads student, you get forever access to...

    • The tested and proven framework for 10x Facebook ad copy
    • Step-by-step video tutorials
    • The complete Facebook Ads conversion copy workbook
    • The working docs based on $1M in ad spend


Featuring copywriting for Instagram Ads

The only masterclass in writing social media ad copy based on proven conversion principles.

Instant Saver One-time

Get immediate access to the complete 10x Facebook Ads training.

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Experience a dramatic skill improvement or your money back.

You will love 10x Facebook Ads if...

You’ve ever thought, “Everyone else is making it big on FB...I want in.”

(Here, take the copywriting keys.)

You’ve realized, “If I build it, they will NOT come.”

(That’s right. But we can show you how to invite more buyers through the door.)

You’d like to finally have a shot at “earning money while you sleep”, or fold laundry, or whatever.

(Your shot to sell at scale only comes when you can write copy that draws in a bigger audience, consistently.)

You just want to connect with more of the people who need your services.

(Yes!! Lives are changed by services. But only if you can reach the people who need you.)

You’re looking for a safety net or a springboard to something more powerful.

(Both are legit. You need to feel safe before you can spring. And there can be real safety for your business in the sheer number of users on Facebook.)

You’re going to through an I-need-to-level-up phase to get a better payday.

(Being a top-of-funnel copy master is a solid way to level up and get more pay.)

You just like the idea of having 10x Facebook Ads on standby for the next time a client asks.
(Cool. You don’t need to put out your FB ads-writer shingle today, but why not have it handy to keep clients happy and loyal?)

image description
image description

I used to stab in the dark

Before I took 10X Facebook Ads, I felt like I was stabbing in the dark when it came to writing ads.

With most of the other Copy School qualifications under my belt, this was the missing link, showing me how to write persuasive ads that fit perfectly into different sales funnels.

This has been great for my confidence and ability to map and write funnels that convert.

image description Sally Hems - Content, Copy & Coffee

Before this Facebook was a money-sink

Facebook is very important for our e-commerce brand because it’s where our audience hangs out. But before 10x Facebook Ads, I didn’t have a system for writing ad copy or ad landing pages. Until now, it's been a money sink.

Courses I’d taken in the past taught the "how" of putting together FB ads, but you're wasting money if you don’t know the art of ad copy that converts.

Now, I feel confident to write Facebook ads myself rather than wasting money on "experts". And if I decide to outsource, I’ll know how to monitor the quality of the agency’s copy.

For me, 10x Facebook Ads was a mindset change. I always knew it was possible to profit from Facebook ads but I finally feel capable of making a profit.

image description Saul Kropman - Best Bone Broth

No more leaving money on the table with clients

Nowadays if you don’t know how to write consistent high-converting ads for clients, you’re leaving money on the table.

As a creative agency, I had been repeatedly asked if I also handled copywriting for Facebook ads. Before taking this course, I was always hesitant because I had no set structure or processes in place to generate consistent results for my clients.

10x Facebook Ads helped me to map out a consistent strategy for my agency and gave me the confidence to sell a new service through my business.

I loved the actionable steps with checklists and the emphasis on where you should prioritize your time along the way. The overall marketing strategies like mapping your message to the stages of the buyer’s journey and her secret tips on handling persona mapping are absolute gold.

Since taking 10x FB ads less than 30 days ago, I now have four clients on retainer to not only write their Facebook ads but to handle their monthly ad spend as well. My clients have already seen a significant lift in their KPIs thanks to the golden nuggets I’ve learned from this course.

This will be a significant revenue booster to our services this year.

image description Michelle Murtha - Creative Signal

By now, you know there’s a better way than faking it ‘til you make it with(out) Facebook ads.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know Facebook is the gateway to leads who don’t yet know they need your offer. (Whatever your industry. Because Facebook is where the people go.)

If you’re a marketer with a team that relies on you to drive growth, you know high-converting Facebook ad copy can be the fuel in your sales funnels.

If you’re a copywriter, you know mastering Facebook ad copy can let you position yourself as a valuable lead gen resource. A gem for your clients. A future Facebook advertiser yourself. Why not?

If you play any or all of these roles and you know for sure that mastering persuasion at the top of the funnel is no longer optional…

If you’re ready to take our hand and walk from Facebook ad copy uncertainty and anxiety to confidence and clarity, then we invite you…


Featuring copywriting for Instagram Ads

The only masterclass in writing social media ad copy based on proven conversion principles.

Instant Saver One-time

Get immediate access to the complete 10x Facebook Ads training.

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60-Day Guarantee

Experience a dramatic skill improvement or your money back.

The real risk of not investing in Facebook ad copy expertise?

Of course, you can take the afternoon you’d spend becoming a social ads copy pro and invest it elsewhere.

You can read another 10 epic blog posts. And then get a drink to clear your head.

You can write meta tags for pages that will only get found by prospects already considering your competition. (Who they’re starting to feel like they know real well on Facebook.)

You can agonize over a proposal for a client who decides they need a full-funnel copywriter instead… although they think it’s cool you’re so niche.

The cost of that choice? It depends on your true potential for growth.

But you won’t know that potential until you take Facebook ad copy by the horns, fully-informed and unquestionably equipped with the only masterclass in writing social ad copy based on proven conversion principles.

And it bears repeating. With that 60-day guarantee, the only real risk is never knowing for sure.

If you’re ready to put in ~5 hours studying, practice what you know and then reap the rewards, including the chance to...

  • Jumpstart a list that grows daily with subscribers just waiting to see what you offer next
  • Comfortably increase what you spend on Facebook ads when you learn to write copy that drives a higher Return on Ad Spend
  • Quote higher rates to write the full funnel, instead of asking for just a piece with fingers crossed the client won’t notice the glaring absence of Facebook ads in your portfolio
  • Stand behind your Facebook ads copy 100%, even when clients push back on your conversion strategy
  • Take trial Facebook ad copywriting projects – fully paid – because you know you can get clients better results the first time than everyone else who’s guessing
  • Be known as a strategic advisor on social conversions and then execute with precision for measurably more profitable results

If you’re ready to earn rewards like these for your 10x Facebook Ads copy expertise, then we can’t wait to see you inside.

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Featuring copywriting for Instagram Ads

The only masterclass in writing social media ad copy based on proven conversion principles.

Instant Saver One-time

Get immediate access to the complete 10x Facebook Ads training.

A single payment today of
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All payments are processed securely via Stripe.

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60-Day Guarantee

Experience a dramatic skill improvement or your money back.